National Director European Mosquito Control Association (EMCA), Alessandria.
I progetti di controllo dei Culicidi in Piemonte. Legislazione, standards e linee guida.

This conference draws together EMCA members and other experts, public health professionals and policy makers concerned with the prevention and control of mosquito borne disease with a specific emphasis on those that pose a threat to Europe.
It focuses on the development of a shared understanding of the current situation and latest advances in vector control in Europe while also highlighting the global picture.
For this 5th EMCA meeting we have put together what we believe is an exciting programme, with contributions from a number of key international experts who are at the cutting edge of vector ecology. This workshop builds on the past successes, including the highly commended EMCA organised International symposium
in 2006 entitled ‘Ricefields and mosquitoes’ This year, in order to encourage and highlight participation from the next generation of young scientists we have provided a platform forstudents to showcase their work in our new session: “Young Researchers in Progress”.
It is envisaged that this initiative will serve to provide fledgling investigators to share, learn and be stimulated by each other as well as those more experienced scientists.I look forward to welcoming you to what promises to be the most stimulating EMCA workshop yet.
We are fortunate to be holding the next EMCA meeting in the city of Turin, a beautiful location brimming with culture and history. I hope that you will take the opportunity to explore the many pleasures that this city has to offer.
EMCA National Director

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